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Welcome to Kents' Corner Sugarhouse

The Pure Vermont Maple Syrup we produce at Kents’ Corner community Sugarhouse in Calais is made the old fashioned way:  we gather sap from more than 1000 taps in our sugarbushes in North Central Vermont, and boil each small batch over blazing cherry, maple, birch, pine and spruce logs, infusing the syrup with myriad flavors. Neither reverse osmosis processing nor vacuum systems are used.

Our trees are tapped in sustainably managed forests, and the sap is triple filtered and stored in stainless steel tanks. We boil according to strict Vermont standards in our stainless evaporator and use organic canola oil to control foam. We then filter and can our syrup carefully so the final product retains that “just boiled” flavor.

Sugarmaker Craig Line has been making maple syrup in Vermont for more than 35 years, and looks forward each spring to the lengthening days and the gathering of good friends while producing each year’s first, sweetest crop.

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CSA Ordering Closed

Pre-season ordering for maple syrup for this season is now closed for the year. We've received numerous orders from quite a few of you, thank you so much! For those of you still wanting to order syrup, we are offering a bulk ordering discount of $3.00 off per gallon, either plastic or glass jugs, when you order 3 or more gallons at once. This price does not include shipping and handling. For more information, please go to the products page on this site or call or email us: 802-229-5621;  Thank You!
Craig Line 30-Mar-2015 0 Comments
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